One sunny day

One sunny day

…not too long ago.

I’ve been learning to ski. At least an hour a day for the past five weeks. Maybe missed a day or two in there, but I’ve definitely put in my time.
The scenery is just one of the rewards.



…and there she was, topless in the hotel lobby,

sitting next to electric fireplace on the brown faux-leather couch-seat. Book of choice, “The Casual Vacancy.”

She was wearing rust red leggings and a black skirt. Despite all modern elastic clothing technologies her white belly rolled slightly over the waistband. This and her calm face, focused on her reading, told me she was comfortable with the situation.

There was no one at the front desk when I walked in that lonely Tuesday afternoon. Outside, the town seemed as if it was on a Spanish siesta; no stores open, the school yard empty and the streets quiet. Even this sole resident didn’t trouble herself to look up from her book.

I didn’t bother to ring the desk-bell.