Life, unemployed

“I’m looking to settle down here in Bonners Ferry for the winter and I’m scoping out jobs.”

I almost couldn’t believe the words as they left my mind and my mouth. Settle down? Job?

Things happened fast. I had quite the leisurely early September in Oregon. Things kept coming my way like the river trip with OARS, blackberry jam making and end-of-the season goodbye festivities.

I grew tired of waiting for things to happen to me though. In the end, it felt like I was trying to wring the last drops of summer out of that place.

And Idaho called me back, so I went. I visited my brother first in Portland and had a great time. We saw the Shook Twins play live, one of my favorite bands. Their positive, folksy, quirky, and sometimes child-like energy is just what I’ve been feeling lately. They were everything I hoped they’d be live, and my brother even took a liking to my hippie music.

Then I spent some time with my Dad in Clarkston. It was good to see him, we drifted the lower Clearwater, went trap shooting and ate good food. It was a perfect welcome back to inland life.

Next was a trip through Moscow and Pullman. Roller Derby, good friends, beer, nostalgic Moscow Farmers’ Market. I also took photos of a family friend for his engagement announcements, which made me feel semi-productive as a person ( see photos above ). Then blazing up to Coeur d’Alene my Mom and I saw the CDA Opera’s production of Carmen.

Then, I continued my unemployment tour to Bonners Ferry, Idaho. Long story short, it was here that I found out that my original plans to go back to Oregon for one final trip would not work. I was a little heartbroken. I didn’t feel like I had said a proper goodbye to the Rogue. I had more steelhead fishing to do. I had rapids to run in an inner-tube. My summer is NOT over, damnit!

And again, I found that I was waiting for things to happen to me. So, I started making things happen for me. 

Job shadow in Priest River, applications out to several places in Bonners Ferry, Schweitzer Mountain, and two leads on places to rent for the winter. Thanks to some good friends with connections and a day of action, I can move on to my next adventure.

My summer euphoria has mostly waned, it’s time to find a new happy place and make something for myself. 


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