Reward thyself

The end of river season poses a dangerous situation for me, involving the following factors:

  • Money in the bank account
  • Euphoric feeling, lingering from the last two months of sunshine, rivers and good people
  • Awesome Chaco tan lines
  • One month, at least, left of good weather

As you can see, these things all add build up, dangerously, to self-reward. One summer I rewarded myself with a refurbished Schwinn Cruiser. Some summers, it’s more river gear that I buy.

This summer, I bought a new lens. One day, I was searching craigslist to see what people were selling and happened upon a Nikkor 10-24mm f/3.5-4.5 lens.

Wide angle is what I’ve been lacking in my photo gear. I have a 35mm fixed which has been great for portraits. I have a 55-200mm which has been great for photographing wildlife and whitewater rafting. I’ve longed for the ability to take landscape photos for a while now, and this lens seemed to be calling to me.

So I bought it, and I’ve been having a blast. Here’s some photos, remember to ask me before you use them, and enjoy!


One comment on “Reward thyself

  1. SAWYER says:

    Beautiful photographs. Happy that you have the new wide angle!

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