Well, it’s over.

For now at least, river season is over. 

I ended my summer guiding job with a relaxing, two night trip with five lovely guests from Texas. Three of these signed up last-minute because they were inspired by this article, published by a guest from earlier this summer.

This was also my very first multi-day river trip as trip leader (TL). Everything went smoothly, and I’m happy my manager entrusted this position of leadership to me.

We got off the water and unpacked the gear. In the days to come though, there would be boat cleaning instead of food packing. End of season work to shut down the operation for the winter is underway. Summer, is gone.

So now what?

Another guide lovingly nicknamed all the months of the river guiding season. First, there’s Merciful May followed by Joyful June. July is a Joke which leads into the month of river-guiding burn-out: Angry August.

Then comes Oh Shit September. This is the month where we all realize that we have no plan for the fall or winter. There it is, a whole blank calender of unemployment until Merciful May comes along again.

My September is looking pretty blank as well. I’ll help out with end-of-season work, then move slowly to Idaho for an October job shadow. Maybe do a private river trip or two, maybe read a book or three, maybe do some hiking.

Whatever I end up doing, this month will be an adjustment from being on the water every week to having nothing at all to do. The best I can do is to take what opportunities come and be patient in the down time. 



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