Family River Trip

Thanks to my generous Grandparents my family rallied to join me on the Rogue River last week.

It was stressful to have my family on the trip. Balancing working as a guide and spending time with my family was difficult, and I oftentimes forgot the reason I had invited them all on the trip in the first place.

That reason was to show them what I love to do, and why I keep doing it. I wanted my family to see that what I was doing wasn’t just playing in the river all summer, but fulfilling and meaningful work that connects people with the great rivers of our world. 

It’s hard to ‘get it’ as a guest, I’ve known that for a while now. My friend David has a daughter who has been a guest on many of his Missouri Canoe trips. It wasn’t until she worked as a swamper with David that she turned to him and said “I get it,” I get why you have to keep doing this.

Friends and family will never be able to understand the trials, joys, pains and how holistically rewarding a full season of river guiding can be. But we guides always try to convey a piece of that feeling. If our guests get just a whiff of that passion or can feel a dash of our enthusiasm, then we have succeeded as river guides. 

If they remember, hold on to and act out of inspiration from that enthusiasm, even better.

That moment came to my uncle at inspiration point. It clicked for my brother at the Rogue River Ranch. My Mom cried tears of joy at the end of the trip and my grandparents smiled through the whole thing.

And the trip was a success.


One comment on “Family River Trip

  1. muz4now says:

    You’re so right, Lenore. I “got it” at Inspiration Point and I’m proud to be your uncle.

    Thanks for the pics and the words.

    Love and blessings,

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