2012 is the year we’ve all been waiting for. At least, waiting since the end of the Mayan calender became a media phenomenon back in the early 2000’s.

Here’s what I understand: the Mayan calender ends in December, 2012, which happens to fall upon a unique celestial event called a ‘Galactic Alignment.’ This is where the December Solstice sun and the Galactic Equator, aka the milky, way align. This event technically happened back in 1998, but if you were to calculate this with the naked eye (imagine!) this would occur on the Winter Solstice, 2012.

I could be wrong. It’s happened before.

As a superstitious society, we’ve theorized over what this alignment will mean. Predictions include, and are not limited to doomsday, a “Shift in Perception,” transitions to a new collective consciousness, world unity, WWIII, black holes engulfing the earth, a huge increase of personal enlightenments, some sort of change.

We can interpret it, or not, but this year does seem to be different.  Shifts and changes, celestial or not, are happening.

I seem to go through these life-shifts every two years or so. It just comes with the territory of seasonal work. This year was one of those shifts, from day trips to working multi-days on the Rogue. That’s been my past week. Wrapping up life in the Field of Dreams and driving from Superior, MT to Merlin, OR over the course of 48 hours…

My family is going through a big shift this year. My Mom recently accepted the position of Superintendent at the West Bonners County School District. This means she’s moving, three hours away from my Dad in Clarkston and starting a whole new life in Priest River, Idaho.

Almost everyone I encounter seems to be grappling with personal changes. An ex-coworker thinking of breaking off an engagement, a new friend scheming up a business plan for the next stage of his life, and open ends in the fall for almost all of us river guides. Celestial Shifts are in store.

Of course, we’re all intimidated by change. You have to receive it with open arms though. The future is a blank space of unknown where anything can happen. The Celestial Shift is the inexplicable force moving us towards it. The urge to leave the known is frightening, and we may resist it. Why wouldn’t we? Leaving the comfort of our methodical routine; yes, what we’re used to but it’s boring. It’s comfortable so we want to stay there.

Resist that urge to continue the routine. The unknown of change is exciting, trust me!

It’s a wonderful year to be living life, weather you believe in the 2012 phenomenon or not. Celestial Shift, I can’t wait to see what more you have to offer.


One comment on “Transitions

  1. thanks lenore for giving me a moment to pause and get in touch with my own “celestial shift”
    it is a big year. it is a big time for all of us. i am embracing the feeling of fear and going with the, “feel the fear and do it anyway” mantra. i am looking into moving to a new house with a water view as that is something that my soul cries out for.
    stay tuned.
    love, anita

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