Best of Argentina pt. 2

More ‘Best Of’ photos from my Argentina trip. Please remember not to copy these for your own use! They are my photos, and if you would like to use them e-mail me and we can chat about it.

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St Joe season, 2012

“Someday, you’ll get it” said my former boss. He’s been whitewater rafting for nearly two decades, I listen. “There will be a moment, and it’ll probably come in the middle of flipping a boat back over, but in that moment, you’ll get it. You’ll get boating.”

That was two years ago, and I wondered for that long when I would “get it.”

St. Joe season, 2012. High water = 8,000 CFS, the highest I’ve ever seen it at.

Can’t say for sure, but I think I finally get it.


We have our color photograph titled “Field of Dreams.” The perfectly flat meadow, framed by two pine-blanketed ridges. The ridges lead your eye and imagination into the Bitterroot Mountains behind our Montana scene. The top-heavy barn sits askew in the right third of the photo, just like we were taught in Photography 101.

Maybe a 15-min summer storm has just passed through, leaving puffy white clouds in the bright blue sky. The rain saturated every blade of grass with vibrant colors.

Picture perfect, the Montana postcard; this is the Field of Dreams. My home for the next three weeks.

Just Under the Surface, there may be a Home.

A chance meeting in Bonners Ferry Idaho turned into a tour of hand made underground houses. 

A tour turned into a dinner and dinner turned into a Birthday Party.

“It feels like I’m travelling again,” I said to Tom as we drove back from that first dinner. The spontaneity of the moment, the hospitality we received and the connection with other travelers made it seem like I was still on the road in Argentina.

But I’m in Idaho, circa Bonners Ferry in the very edge of the beautiful Kootenai Valley. There’s a lot going on here, and you wouldn’t think it at first glance. 

New friends cooking plans for an all local and organic restaurant, ranchers raising natural Icelandic Sheep, Mike building his sustainable underground homes; these are all people I’ve meet here in this quiet town. The best thing in life is the good feeling that comes with developing good connections and good friends. 

Now, I help out with the construction when I’m not guiding the Moyie.

Louis thinks we knew each other from a past life.

Mike, on the other hand thinks the “Great Potato in the Sky” facilitated it all.

Maybe those are both true or both untrue, but I do know that George Dickel brought the truth out at the Birthday Party.

Whatever it is, it is good to be in North Idaho, and I might just come back.