Argentine Beef

The beef here in Argentina is mind blowing.

Hands down, it beats any beef I have ever had in the USA. Ben agrees with me.

The meat, which comes in any cut imaginable, is juicy, rich, thoroughly beefy and consistently amazing. Ben and I have spent a good portion of our trip wondering why USA beef just does not stand up to the Argentine quality. We have asked almost every local we can about on their opinion is on why Argentine beef is so high quality. Here are some answers we have heard:

Grass fed. All of argentine beef sold for public consumption, minus maybe McDonald’s, is grass fed and range raised. No corn, no hormones to expedite growth, no feed lots. The beef here is real beef raised by ranchers. the Argentines claim that it is their grass and land that make the beef so good. I’ve also heard Argentines claim that they treat their cows better.

Fresh killed. Argentine beef in the local butcher shops have been killed within the past 24 hours. there is no freezing, no cryovac, no packaging, very little transport and hand butchered. The beef can always be seen hanging in the back of the butcher shop as the butcher works on it (germaphobes beware!).  This beef is about as fresh as you can get it, anywhere.

Asado cooked.  ”Asado” is roughly translated to Barbecue in English. There is really only one similarity though, and that’s the fact that they both refer to cooking meat outside. All similarities end there. Instead of charcoal or propane, they use wood. They grill the meat for a long time once the wood turns into embers. So, slow cooked over a hot fire: the beef soaks up a wood smoke flavor and the heat sears the outside of the meat, creating a juicy, flavor packed and perfected slab of beef.

Washed down with wine. Lots of red wine always accompanies an Asado. Probably at the rate of half a bottle per half kilo (Ben, Jijo and myself downed 3 kilos of beef last Sunday so do the math!). This may also contribute to the quality of the beef here in Argentina. But this wasn’t a local’s opinion, I’m just stating the facts. A long nap usually accompanies the Asado as well. Overall, it’s an incredibly pleasant experience.

So, no one can pin point an exact reason why the Beef is better in Argentina. What is clear though is that this subject needs to be investigated more, and Ben and I will be doing a lot of investigating while we’re in this wonderful country.

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