Lightspeed Travel Blog Entry!

Well, isn’t it a good thing to have to make this post brief? It’s better for everyone. I save a bit of money* and you get to go about your day sooner.

Since I last posted I’ve spent a day on a Reggae Themed Tiki Beach, been to Cordoba, the Argentina National Folkloria Festival and have spent a week on a WWOOF farm.

So let’s get this Tiki Beach thing out of the way. Ben and I joked that we told everyone back home that this is exactly what our trip would NOT be like: Fruity cool beverages, sun, river, tiki huts, chickens, horses. Wait, chickens and horses? Yeah. To make a long story short we visited this place on a recommendation from a local, and had a great, relaxing time away from the city for the day. The beach included all the essential beach features plus the chickens, which were actually a great addition. They pecked the beach over so that it wasn’t dirty and filled with food scraps. Pretty brilliant, I think.

Then to Cordoba. We only stayed two nights in Cordoba, as we had to be in La Paz to WWOOF soon. Again, we received a wonderful recommendation from a local: the National Folkloria Festival.

The festival took place in Cosquin, a small town about 20 miles outside of Cordoba. We took the evening bus there and immediately we could tell something big was happening. Street vendors, food, dancers, you name it. The big treat was going to the arena and listening to the music. It ranged from small folk bands to the grand finale of Los Tekis (google them, I don’t have the time to link them).

To make everything better, the concert was 25 pesos, or about 8 dollars US.

Meanwhile in Cordoba a storm was brewing. The day before we left a tropical storm tried to hinder our transport to the farm. Wind, rain like you wouldn’t imagine. Fine, we thought. we’ll take a taxi. Then the streets filled with water, 2 hours before departure time.

Miraculously, the streets drained in 20 minutes after the rain let up and we were able to catch our bus. Kind of an anti climatic ending, but it made for a good story.

Well, I’m out of time. Ben and I are currently at the WWOOF farm. More on that later, and more pictures now that I know what time the local internet cafe closes.



*at a whopping 5 pesos an hour, or 1.25 US dollars, it really doesn’t matter

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