Countdown: One week away!

Well Friday the 6th will be one week away from departure. And the goodbyes are tougher than I thought they would be.

The last day of work several of my co-workers who were off that day came in just to say goodbye. It was surreal, and touching that so many people are excited for this trip. I couldn’t have been more blessed with such a great work environment this fall at the Moscow Food Co-op.

Annnnnd then I discovered today that I gave a lot of folks there the wrong web url for this blog. Oops. I guess I’m not that good at self-marketing. 

Besides the goodbyes life is pretty overwhelming right now. Packing and moving, plus studying for the weekend WFR refresher is a bit more than I can handle.

So this post will be short, as I need to get back to making the goodbye-rounds around Pullman and Moscow.

My aunt, Anita, seems to be the most stoked of my relatives. She asked me today in an e-mail why I am going on this trip. In the midst of the pre-trip tornado, that was something pushed aside in my thoughts. So I answered her, and the stress of the day was forgotten, replaced by the original, excitement for the prospects of adventure. Here’s how I responded:


Why am I going to Argentina?
  • Because I was filled with wonder and amazement when my river guide friends talked about their backpacking adventures abroad. I thought ‘boy, wouldn’t it be great to have an adventure of my own.’
  • Because I want to experience a non-tourist-based-long-term adventure abroad before I get tied down.
  • Because I’m not tied down to anything or anyone right now.
  • Because I have a good relationship with Ben, who has the same desires for travel (and speaks Spanish!) and the stars just aligned for our relationship and this trip to happen.
  • Because working all winter would make me crazy.
  • Because I want to learn a new language.
  • Because it’s warm down there.
  • Because I want to see a bit of Patagonia.
  • Because I want to learn some basic farming skills (WWOOFing).
  • and Just because!
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3 comments on “Countdown: One week away!

  1. Gimena Campasso says:

    Great choice :-) I specially recommend to visit:
    Iguazu Falls
    Perito Moreno Glaciar
    Puerto Madryn

  2. soulchicken says:

    Thanks! I’ll definitely be in Mendoza, Puerto Madryn and Cordoba. So exiting!

  3. lrntn says:

    Good luck and have fun! You’ll have a fabulous time there.

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