Two weeks

Two weeks until departure time!

I’m tying up the last few ends, working my last few days, and studying material for my WFR course.

The most exciting thing is that I get to start packing the backpack! Ben thinks that two weeks out is too early. Maybe it’s best he didn’t know that I made the packing list back in October.

Early as it may seem, there’s pressure to get things done and situated now. Not only is packing happening for the trip, all this ‘other’ stuff needs to move from Moscow to my parents’ house. My river gear has to be available to pick up and go to Syringa upon the May return.

With many checklists to complete though, it’s been easy to avoid actually thinking about the trip.

This realization came recently during a phone conversation with Ben. I was lamenting the absence of my friends, who are all on break, plus the loneliness of living alone (in a questionably haunted house). Ben and I’s conversation was the only extended exchange I had had all day.

I’m going a little crazy over here.

Then it dawned on me that my life will be incredibly different in two weeks. I’ll have nothing but time to talk with Ben, we’ll be 24-7 travel companions for better or worse.

I can’t even possibly conceive what experiences I will have, or what it will be like, but I won’t be lonely, and I’ll be far from any boring daily routine. Life may get a little hectic, decisions will have to be made every day. We won’t look back for one moment.

So maybe it’s a good thing I’m going a little crazy over here. Maybe it’s so that I’ll appreciate the trip a bit more. Maybe my loneliness serves to demonstrate to myself what it’s like to spend time with me, and I’ll lighten up on Ben a bit. Maybe I’m going a bit crazy now because it will take a crazy person to deal with some aspects of this upcoming trip.

I can’t wait. 

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