Countdown: Three weeks

As of 12.23.11 I will be three weeks away from a plane ride to Montevideo, Uraguay. 

Three weeks! And then every day after that is 2 weeks and some days.

Then one week and some days.

Then it’ll be time.

At the beginning of December, it seemed as if the month would drag by. But, before I knew it my friends were taking finals and we were all celebrating graduations and saying good byes.

The good news is that this week I upgraded my living space from the basement to an actual room with heating and windows.

The bad news is that there’s so much to do before January 13th. 

These include, but are not limited to

  • buy a sleeping bag, cook-set, batteries for my steripen, H2O bottle and other nick-knacks for the adventure
  • close down my Wells Fargo account and move all my funds to the credit union
  • write Christmas thank-yous
  • study for and take my WFR re-certification course
  • Find a hotel or hostel for the day we arrive in Montevideo
  • PACK
  • move out of my apartment and have stuff river-ready for my return in May
  • oh yeah, and learn as much Spanish as possible before then (which is now going much better!).

This has to get accomplished while going to work and spending as little amount of money as possible. Finances will be tight and I must keep reminding myself that three dollars here will buy a meal in Argentina, seven dollars will get me a place to stay at night, twenty will get me a bus ticket to the next destination.

Save save save.

Do you have any recommendations for me before I travel? What do you wish you would have done before going on your international adventure? Or, any adventure for that matter.

Happy trails!

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