Education: F Minus

Every so often a story surfaces about an educated person. This person has spent years of their life learning all they could about a highly specific academic subject. Some even spend decades working, living and breathing this field of study, only to realize that they have no practical skills.

It’s a story that’s more common than public and higher education would like to admit. Time spent on immersing oneself in academia doesn’t help prepare an individual for anything outside of this field.

And isn’t everything else called ‘life?’

Yeah, college didn’t help me prepare for life in general. I’m discovering, as I gear my life towards travel and river guiding, that I’m deficient in basic, life skills.

Such as,

  • Personal finances and banking
  • Taxes
  • Ins and outs of insurance
  • Voting and healthy political engagement

just to mention a few.

I should have taken classes with names like:

  • How Banks will try to Screw You Over
  • Personal Tax Preparation 101
  • Understanding Basic, Legal Terminology
  •  Contract Deciphering: Reading the Fine Print

Oh wait, those classes weren’t offered in High School or at WSU. A $40 thousand dollar education, and I’m struggling to figure out what APR means. 

Can I at least take comfort in my ability to convert moles to grams? You bet I can, and that W2 won’t know what hit it.


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