Holiday Resolutions

The Holidays are a really unpleasant time for the health-conscious.

It begins with October. Fall sets in. This transition stealthily replaces sunny afternoon hikes with curling up on the couch with a pumpkin pie and hot sugary beverages.

Then Halloween hits. The bikini body and Chaco tan lines linger from summer, just long enough to pull off that sexy costume. However all that beer and candy have a different plan for even the most taught of figures.

Thanksgiving follows Halloween quickly. The feast takes everyone by surprise, and in the time between bad habits form. Soon gingerbread cookies are magically materializing in ovens out of thin air. Stews, gravies, breads and pies dominate the weekly menus. Fresh fruit and vegetables disappear. It’s too chilly today to go for a run. The cold weather and orange leaves have subconsciousness across the country craving warm, earthy toned carbohydrates and fats. And your body knows just what to do with them.

Now winter sets in and Thanksgiving has managed to beat down any will you had over food previously. Again. How could you let this happen this year? There’s bowls upon bowls of free Christmas candies and you have no second thoughts as they pass over your lips. Cookies are multiplying like rabbits everywhere. They are taking over the house.

Then Christmas comes; a special day where we allow ourselves to eat all the treats we want. It’s just tragic that there wasn’t much restraint exercised in the past month.

Then the leftovers take over, and by the time New Years comes, all attempts at eating healthily have been surrendered. Just one more night of un-inhibited gluttony before New Years resolutions start, and the Holiday food barrage stops.

That’s why this year I have Holiday Resolutions, rather than New Year’s Resolutions. 

Because eating healthy and keeping up an exercise routine October through December is where it counts. Because keeping off ten extra pounds is easier than loosing it in January.

So it starts now; a resolution to eat meals mainly consisting of fruits, veggies and meat. A resolution to say NO to free cookies and sweets. A resolution to take every chance to work out.

A resolution to not let the Holidays win. 


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