Argentina Update

The first WWOOF farm has accepted! Just today they sent a confirmation e-mail. We’ll be arriving January 30th, and staying on this farm until Feb 25th.

You can check out their farm description here (Farm ARG151). They are an organic Lavender farm and ‘artesian perfumery’ who also grow fruits and vegetables. They will provide us shelter and daily food in return for five hours of work a day. Only five hours! Sounds like a deal.

The fellow we’ve been corresponding with seems very nice and offered to pick us up from Merlo, the nearest bus hub. The e-mails have all been in Spanish, so that’s been a sign to me that I’ll really need to work on the language before we arrive at the farm. Even so, communication will be difficult everywhere in Argentina, so I might as well jump right into it.

The location of the farm looks beautiful. It’s located southwest of the Cordoba Sierras, on The Puna plateau.

I’m excited to smell like lavender for nearly a month.

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